ADMTOAH’s Re-visionary Structure


The following DF Lewis stories were among many that were once re-published – from mainly obscure publications – in the defunct WEIRDMONGER (Prime Books) paperback (2003) / hardback (2004) and these specific stories have now been re-visioned by DF Lewis in 2013 to help create the luxury book version represented by A DEAD MONUMENT TO ONCE ANCIENT HOPE (Les Editions de L’Oubli 2013):

APPLE TURNOVER (first published ‘Dead of Night’ 1994) now re-titled and seismically riffed as DUTIFUL TO THE DEAD.
“His nickname that everyone used, he said, was Grin. And his teeth were white in one, as he told her.”

THE ABACUS (first published ‘Whispers from the Dark’ 1995) now entitled BORN ANCIENT and contra-magicked.
“A reminder of a historic invasion, when they strung-up used heads.

FIRST SIGHT (first published ‘Dark Regions’ 1995) now entitled THE PUBLIC BAR and given its second sight.
“–a flat spider with its legs all running into one.”

THE DEAD (first published as ‘Head of the House’ in ‘Elegia’ 1995) now entitled WARMING DOWN and made alive again.
“The books even had handholds built into the spines.”

THE SWING (first published as ‘The Innocent One’ in ‘Vandeloecht’s Fiction Magazine’ 1992) re-titled ANGELS DIE THE OTHER WAY and re-wept.
“…a combination of levered bone and sideways gravity.”

THE MEREST TILT (first published ‘Mystic Fiction’ 1994) now ruffled up…
“Covered in scanties, I could even have believed she was still in night clothes.”

ANGEL OF THE AGONY (first published ‘Necropolis’ 1994) now re-prestidigitated…
“The key worked so well, I wondered if the lock was there at all.”

THE II KING (first published ‘Ocular’ 1998) now entitled BRINGING THE DEAD TO BOOK with its vision re-doubled.
“…he babbles of green-stained red and then black.”

IN UNISON (first published ‘Stygian Articles’ 1995) and THE SUN SETTING (first published in the ‘Weirdmonger’ book itself 2003) now combined and entitled CURLED UP LIKE A BLACK ROSE.
“Sometimes, there were the faintest touches upon his body, as if angels were preparing him for God’s inspection.”

THE CHRISTMAS ANGEL (first published ‘Grotesque’ 1995) and TOP OF AN ANGEL’S HEAD (first published ‘The Fractal’ 1997) now combined and entitled FONTANELLE FONDUE.
“…the children undid their presents in relative silence.”

VALEDICTORY (first published ‘Gateways’ 1992) and THE LAST PRIZE (first published ‘Albedo One’ 1994) now combined and entitled GO BACK TO YOUR BOOKS, OLD MAN.
“We never kissed. But that’s a lie. There was a kiss, if only one.”

STRICKEN WITH GLEE (first published ‘After Hours’ 1992) re-titled A CROSS TO BEAR and given new chimneys to choose.
“I tucked Arthur’s red blanket – with white silk edges – about his knees.”

THE SCAR MUSEUM (first published ‘Palace Corbie’ 1996) now a tad re-tissued..
“Indeed, Crick didn’t just want her for her scars.”

THE TERROR OF THE TOMB (first published as ‘Emoss Crack’ in ‘Opus’ 1987) now entitled A STORY AFTER ITS ENDING and jigged over.
“I live in the Fish Station.”

DEAR MUM (first published ‘Dream’ 1990) re-titled THE WEED HATCH and re-crafted.
“Apparently, immortality’s only half the story.”

MIGRATIONS OF THE HEART (first published ‘Dreams & Nightmares’ 1993) and A MIND’S KIDNEY (first published ‘Severin’’ 1993) now combined and entitled THE DOUBLE HOOK.
“There was a huge coat-hook on the inside of the door…”

WELSH PEPPER (first published ‘Vandeloecht’s Fiction Magazine’ 1992 and in that year’s YEAR’S BEST HORROR STORIES) now entitled DIAMOND RAIN.
…falling down some (god)forsaken ravine.”

WILD HONEY (first published ‘The Stylus’ 1993) now modestly morphed…
“…they would have ssssssssurely wondered at this behaviour.”

THE TALLEST KING (first published ‘Cerebretron’ 1988) now questionably tweaked…
…peering through the tallest window near the tallest roof,”

ROSEWOLF (first published ‘Eldritch Tales’ 1992) now entitled A DEAD MONUMENT TO ONCE ANCIENT HOPE with its new-fired lighthouse tower.
“Ghosts never use speech-marks…”

UNCLE ABSOLUTELY (first published ‘Foolscap’ 1992) now in an altered state..
(the incipient TV screens sucking people into a version of monochrome two-dimensionality which few ever escaped)”

BACK DOUBLES (first published ‘Black Tears’ 1993) has its ending chosen for the first time…
Doubt was not one of his strengths.”

In due course, an attempt will be made to ‘gestalt real-time review’ this new-found ‘symphony’ of leitmotifs in detail.

WEIRDMONGER – a huge book that, a few years ago, the author himself asked to be placed out-of-print because something was reportedly nagging him to take that action – now feels in hindsight like a staging post or way station for the eventual core work that has just been rewritten as A DEAD MONUMENT TO ONCE ANCIENT HOPE.

One response to “ADMTOAH’s Re-visionary Structure

  1. Harold Billings

    A lovely book. Anxious to have my copy!

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