‘Cloistered by Ravelled Bones & Ruined Walls’

Vistas of Ruin and Decay
A Ruinenlust Journey Through Weird Fiction
by Sławomir (Slawek) Wielhorski

September 2018: Three copies left

I am pleased to have been remunerated by a few contributor’s copies of this luxurious book and I intend to distribute them with my signature on the paper of the book itself.
The cost to you of one of my signed copies will be 75% of the cheapest price you can find the book for sale elsewhere. Plus any necessary postage. By PayPal. Any proceeds are towards the fund for buying books to be gestalt real-time reviewed.
This offer will apply until they run out, whether the cost increases or reduces over the forthcoming years.

To RAVEL means both to Disentangle and to Entangle.

CLOISTERED BY RAVELLED BONES AND RUINED WALLS is a new book I am proud to share with luminaries Polish and Romanian.
Also my own way of unravelling Brexit.




by DF Lewis
Eight fictions


Vistas of Ruin and Decay

A Ruinenlust Journey Through Weird Fiction

by Sławomir Wielhorski

This Journey features Vistas of Edgar Allan Poe, Stefan Grabinski, Ramsey Campbell, Thomas Ligotti, Eddie M. Angerhuber, Joel Lane, Wojciech Gunia and much else.


“Life is an abandoned Amusement, a pleasure of ruins. Few are the solitary souls with a penchant for the sublime who spend their existence being irresistibly attracted to crumbling buildings and abandoned places. This book is an ode to this particular attraction – the feeling of Ruinenlust. Part fiction collection, part ensemble of essays, the volume presents a collaboration of two minds preoccupied with the themes of ruination. The eight fictions by D. F. Lewis, collected here for the first time, feature characters thrust into depopulated, often devastated landscapes as we follow their encounters with an enigma. The fictional pieces are accompanied by a literary equivalent of the Kaiserpanorama experience wherein the reader is presented with ten short essays by Sławomir Wielhorski centering on some of the most attractive vistas of ruins and decay in weird fiction from the early Gothics to the modern masterpieces of the genre.”